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Design Trawling

I’m at home sick from work, and so naturally I’ve been trawling design blogs and mentally mapping out the house. I’ve found some fantastic new ideas, and a couple new blogs! So far here are my favourites.

This wont really work for our house, the colours are too dark, but I love that blue!

I love how the colours are tied together, so simple. I also love the big windows and the wallpaper.

This is the general colour direction our walls will be going, a very soft grey with white accents. Just FYI, not a fan of the pleather.

How lovely are those bedside shelves? I really, really want to do them, but I couldn’t live with seeing the exposed cables. I like the hessian headboard too, very light and relaxed.

If our space was bigger I’d be doing this in seconds. I especially love the couch, and the lined wall paper.

Yes please to all of it. May consider selling a kidney for those lamps.

Wall of books? Reading nook? fresh flowers? Lamps? YES.

All of the above pictures are from Home Klondike, just make sure you have an entire morning to spend on there, it’s like a black hole of time and deliciousness.

I’ll even let him drill holes in the wall for the cables. I much prefer holes in the walls to messy gross cabling.

Next on my research list is looking into curtains/blinds which (when open) don’t cover up the windows. I just took off the old ratty curtains that came with the house, and I think if the previous owners had done that they would have been able to get a lot more for the house. They are that bad.

House Inspiration

I have a folder on my macbook dedicated to how I want to decorate my home, there’s even a whole folder devoted to desks. It makes me feel so much better knowing I have a plan. Here’s a few of my favourites (that I’m prepared to share anyway)

We still haven’t decided on wall colour, our current walls are like this, which I’m sure is lovely if you’re over 60, but we’re not ready for that step yet. The ceilings have to be white, but I quite like the look of grey walls. We’ve settled on the picture below as our bedroom inspiration, the bedrooms are not huge so we need to keep down the clutter and keep lines clean. We are both in agreement which helps too. Although Alex won’t indulge my love for this bed.

Keeping Cool in Summer

I really battle with the humidity and heat in summer here in NZ, and I can picture myself wearing this every day to work.


Summer Outfit

Paul Smith t shirt
$160 -

Bobeau long maxi skirt
$30 -

Havaianas roman sandals
£22 -

Linea Pelle leather jewelry
$90 -